Problems with having the right balance of integration between the three areas of people, technology and culture can show up in your business masquerading as other problems. Sure, these problems are typically very real and very painful operational or organizational problems, but they are not the root cause of what is ailing the organization. They are the symptom. 
We help companies automate, track, report, plan and execute the daily operations of their businesses through the use of process automation, systems and technology to step in to help “when running your business is killing your business”™. What this means exactly depends on where you are in the continuum of your organizational growth and maturity.

What We Do

Create the opportunity for innovation.
We help companies and organizations prepare for growth and foster innovation by tearing down the costly, time-consuming operational barriers that keep you from focusing on your larger vision. With the right combination of people, processes, and technology, we help you break through those barriers, creating the opportunity for innovation to flourish across your entire company.

How We Do It

Tear down barriers
All organizations experience their own unique barriers to growth and innovation, but we've identified similarities--three crucial factors that ensure  organizations continue to function at optimal levels and achieve true progress and growth. Our three-phased approach maximizes effectiveness, allowing organizations to uncover growth potential previously hidden by daily operational smokescreens. While we can serve clients who are interested in only the first Phase (alleviating current operational pain points), our ideal partners are those whose focus is on the future.

Our Experience

Distinct Growth Patterns
Working with clients at all levels of development, we've identified distinct growth patterns that affect a majority of organizations. The Symnoian Growth Codex™ illustrates our approach with a keen focus on the three determining factors of integration: cultural, technical, and human. We help organizations at each of these fundamental levels, creating the space for growth and innovation.

Let's get started.

It's simple. We'll start with a 30-minute phone call to talk about your current pain points and the factors that keep you from solving them. That's it. There's no charge to you, just 30 minutes of your time. After that, if we decide that we want to explore working together, we'll schedule an in-person appointment to formulate a plan for clearing those operational blockages to your business. We'll start with the one or two most critical issues--those that are sucking the life out of your business, taking the fun out of running your company, and making you dread going into work. It's easy. Schedule a call >.