No technology or system or process alone will solve the problems you face.

We've spent our careers helping companies solve the problems of running their businesses efficiently and intelligently through the thoughtful, strategic, process oriented use of complex technology solutions. We have a long history in the technology space, and our roots run deep. However,  I can tell you unequivocally across hundreds of implementations and dozens of industries and countries that no technology or system or process alone will solve the problems you face. I will also say here and now that no book, consultant or directive from the C-suite, no matter how great it is or what it’s about, is going to change you or your company. Only the people working there will. The people in an organization, including you, have to see there is a need for change, have the willingness to make hard choices and do the hard work, and be willing to look inside yourselves to be open to those changes. This is true for system and technology adoption and this is true for healthy and strategic growth with integration alignment.

We have seen all types of organizational problems masking integration alignment that try to be solved with the implementation of a new technology or system. Most times we're brought in after the solution has already been chosen or sold to the company. Sometimes we come in to solve one problem and uncover a whole bunch of other problems that are being masked. This is not scope creep. It is the uncovering of legitimate issues and problems that will cause the project to fail. Every single project, every single implementation came back to the three integrations of people, culture, and technology no matter the industry, no matter the size of the company, no matter the number of employees. Failing to recognize and correct the misalignment, whether you are undertaking a solution or technology implementation or not, will cause your project, your reach into a new market, the next level of revenue growth, building a new manufacturing plant or data center, obtain certain VC funding threshold marks, merging with that other office to have coverage in that part of the country or an otherwise almost inexhaustible list of things that companies undertake to fail and eventually your company to fail. 

Not just a Technology Provider

Unlike other technology companies, vendors, and solution providers who focus only on using standardized best practice guides and/or highly-targeted "out of the box" tools, we look at organizations holistically, taking into account how they do business today and how they see their businesses operating in the future. We don't believe in implementing or applying technology for its own sake. Sure we have a few, proven, well - vetted, best of breed solutions that we keep in our toolbox that we know deeply, but we are not married to one solution or one software provider. We are passionate about the processes, the transactions and problems of business. And the people. The use of any technology solution to solve those has to be meaningful. It has to solve a problem. And above all, it has to be appropriate and useful.

Technology is not the "magic elixir" that solves all operational or personnel woes. Most of the time, it accentuates and brings into sharper focus the issues, errors, and problems associated with the processes and people that provide the true foundation for the technology being used. If those aren't working correctly, then no amount of technology will fix it. Using our three-phase approach, we become embedded in the organization at both an operational and leadership level. We identify and improve daily operations through systems and process analysis, applying immediate remedies by revising, re-purposing or introducing new orders of business. Removing operational barriers and integrating opportunities creates a real space for innovation and true organic, healthy growth to happen naturally.

Our sole purpose is to help businesses solve the problems of running their business efficiently and smartly. We'd love to help you.  Let's get started...