Instant enterprise-grade infrastructure for the price of a latte

Whether you're a start-up or established business, email is ubiquitous for any business. It is vital. It connects you to your co-workers. It connects you to your customers. Most likely it will make that crucial first impression for anyone who you interact with, but I see time and time again companies using a free email services (gmail, hotmail, etc.) for their email. I especially see it with  startups and with bootstrappers. Who wants to spend and create all that unnecessary overhead? 

This screams "I'm not serious about my business" or "This is just a hobby for me". Why would you want to entrust the life blood of your business to that when it's easy to get a your own domain branded professional email service; an enterprise grade one, all for the price of a latte?

If the company is established, they spend countless hours and mounds of money patching, maintaining, and (hopefully) backing up servers that run the foundation of their businesses like email, file storage, web meetings, etc.. Why would you want to spend lots of time and money when you can have others worry about that for you?

More than just email and file storage


Office 365™ is more than just an email service though. It really is instant infrastructure for your business; a collaboration space and tools needed by your team to do their jobs, every day, all day, from any device. We don't just stand up an instance for you and your company and migrate your information to it. We help your company understand how to use the tools to leverage the collaboration and other benefits across your entire organization.

Image courteous of Microsoft Corporation  ™

Image courteous of Microsoft Corporation