We have a long history in the technology space, and our roots run deep. However, unlike other technology companies, vendors, and solution providers who focus only on using standardized best practice guides and/or highly-targeted "out of the box" tools, we look at organizations holistically, taking into account how they do business today and how they see their businesses operating in the future. We don't believe in implementing or applying technology for its own sake. The use of any technology solution has to be meaningful. It has to solve a purpose. And above all, It has to be appropriate.

Technology is not the "magic elixir" that solves all operational or personnel woes. Most of the time, it accentuates and brings into sharper focus the issues, errors, and problems associated with the processes and people that provide the true foundation for the technology being used. If those aren't working correctly, then no amount of technology will fix it. Using our three-phase approach, we become embedded in the organization at both an operational and leadership level. We identify and improve daily operations through systems and process analysis, applying immediate remedies by revising, repurposing or introducing new orders of business. Removing operational barriers and integrating opportunities creates a real space for innovation to happen naturally.

We start with the need.

Need. Requirement. Pain point. They all mean the same thing. The need is the most important thing to us. It is the guiding principle for everything that we will do, recommend and implement. Typically, we're brought in to solve the technical side of things, but our knowledge and experience on the business side lets us give you a more complete, well-rounded solution.

What problem are you trying to solve?

  • Can't get invoicing or other billing out the door?
  • Have you landed that big government contract, and now you need to figure out how to manage, bill, and track time for it, and you don't even have your PMO setup yet?
  • Need to step up your inventory management processes a notch with routing, bins, and even lot control, but don't know where to start?
  • Need to integrate your online eCommerce site with your backend accounting system?
  • Are you looking for better ways to engage your customers, from the time they first contact you to beyond that first sale? 
  • Do you have a hodge podge of different systems and processes that don't talk to each other, let alone give you the consolidated report information you need to run your business? 

Most of the time your top pain point is a symptom of a bigger issue or problem, but we start with that initial need and solve it first. We do that, though, within a larger framework of forward thinking, looking to discover what our experience will tell us is the bigger problem. Then we look to see where you are in your organizational growth and evolution, and decide if a technology solution is appropriate.

These are just some of the pain points that we can help you solve today. We have 30 years of experience helping hundreds of organizations, from medium-sized businesses to large multi-national companies and government agencies, solve these types of problems.

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