Flipboard is coming to Windows as a Modern app

Back when I first looked at the Flipboard product in July of 2010, it was only available for iPad. Currently it's available for the iPad and Android operating systems. Today it was announced at //Build that a Windows 8 will be coming from the company. My initial reaction is "YAY! About bloody time", but with some caution. I've seen some app devs try to create Windows 8 apps just to have their app on the platform, but that have failed miserably (or ignored the design axioms completely) when translating the app. Most notably for me is the Pulse News app. Love, Love, Love it! on Android. Hate! Hate! Hate! it on Windows 8. Why? All they did was recreate their website, which breaks most if not all of the Windows 8 app design principals. Sure, it's great for a website. Not so much for an app. Even if they had taken their Android app (especially the tablet one) and ported it over, it still would have been better than the one they have now.  So what did I do with Pulse News. I eagerly installed it and then promptly uninstalled it. And use other news readers, like Bing and the NY times apps. I do use the Pulse News app for something else though. I use it in my Windows 8 Store App design classes as an example of what NOT to do with your app design. Back to Flipboard. While I'm excited about the prospect of having the rich content and functionality on my Windows 8 tablets, I am also slightly apprehensive about it given my previous experiences. So we'll see.

And I still want a version of it and APIs for it so I can use it to aggregate business analytics and information for corporate dashboards and apps.