Hands On Labs for Creating Microsoft Graph apps on iOS, Android et al

Hey! If you've ever been interested in creating iOS, Android or Windows Phone apps that utilize data from Office 365 through the Microsoft Graph interface, but don't know how or where to get started you're in luck! Microsoft has made available some Hand's on Lab experiences for you to learn how to use, consume and really make your apps sing.

What is Microsoft Graph you say? Well, it's a one-stop shop endpoint for getting data out of Office 365 and into your app. Or as Microsoft likes to say: "One Endpoint to Rule Them All!" You might know it by another name, Office 365 unified API. No more having to find that specific oData feed url. Microsoft Graph takes the heavy lifting out of Azure AD authentication, getting ( and creating) calendar events, using O365 groups and so much more. And it's all right here.

Microsoft Graph

So take a look, have some fun and jump start your development.

Links: Microsoft Graph Home Page