Speaking at the Visual Studio 2017 Launch Party in Los Angeles

Visual-Studio-97 Happy 20th birthday to Visual Studio!!!

In 1997, I was working at a software company - one that coincidently was later bought by Microsoft - that was shipping their product to over 68 countries world-wide working on modules that would allow for the support of multi-currency transaction booking and financial statement translation. We were writing that product in both C++ and Visual Basic 5.0. Back then we supported both a Btrieve and SQL Server database backend.

The virtual launch of Visual Studio 2017 will happen next week on March 7th & 8th. Be sure to tune in here for a live feed.

As part of the birthday celebration, Microsoft is holding Launch Parties all over the country. Here are the dates for those of you on the West Coast.

3/9/2017 Boise, ID 3/10/2017 Denver, CO 3/14/2017 Lehi, UT 3/15/2017 Portland, OR 3/16/2017 Phoenix, AZ 3/20/2017 Los Angeles, CA

I'll be speaking at the Los Angeles, CA Launch Party at the Microsoft office on the Mobile track and hope to see you there. I'm excited and honored to be able to take part in such a great event. Other tracks highlight the updates, improvements and enhancements for debugging and testing tools as well as C# and web development.

Get ready to break out the balloons and cake!