Artificial leaf captures light to power drug production

I've always concentrated on technologies or other tech subjects that I've been directly involved with. However, I do have a lot of interests and come across some pretty cool stuff. This is one of them. I was doing my usual look at my usual news sources and came across this article on about a small company in the Netherlands that is using artificial leaves to power the production of small batches of pharmaceuticals close to where they are need. Artificial Leaf

As the article says, artificial leaves aren't new. They are a class of device which passively converts light into power for various purposes, much like their organic counterparts in nature that convert light to energy via a process known as photosynthesis. As usual, nature's version is much more efficient and effective, but Timothy Noël and his team at Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a new type of sensor that is much more efficient than existing sensors, even on cloudy days. Pretty cool.

What other natural systems could we utilize or mimic to help ourselves? What about capturing the power of an awesomely powerful thunderstorm?


Now why don't she write? Some life things actually

Hey there. It's been awhile right? Bet you were wondering where I've been. Well, as sometimes happens, life happened. My mom got sick and passed away in May. That was and continues to be a huge thing for me. I knew it was going to be, if and when it ever happened. But you know... no one or nothing can prepare you for how death and grief is going to hit you.

Then I was offered an opportunity running the delivery arm of a huge (!) strategic program that is to deliver a combination of process standardization and improvement with a single technology platform of Salesforce and PeopleSoft while eliminating redundant and outdated applications and data sources. So I've been busy setting up the mechanics, structures and tools needed to operationalize the project delivery for the program all the while also hiring and onboarding a team of seasoned, career project managers. And did I mention kicking off the largest of the new phase projects with a 4 month, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day set of workshops to work through, document and look for improvement and efficiencies for all the processes end to end, start to finish, from sales and recruiting through to time capture, billing and revenue recognition?

I've been a bit busy for sure. And working through a lot of personal shit. But I'm going to work to post here more. And now is a great time. Things are changing for me on the strategic program front. Plus I have just come back from the annual MVP Global Summit where we get to see all the new and cool things coming from our respective product groups. One of the best things is seeing and talking to the other MVPs, brilliant men and women whom consistently impress the crap out of me and whom I'm privileged to call some friends. It's like a big family reunion... but with huge amounts of tech gear.